Zigbee Node for Appliance Control


I am working on a Hotel automation project, which I have almost completed. Here I have created a mesh network of zigbee modules. One zigbee node is placed in each room and controlling its appliances.

Now what I want to do is, want to create a zigbee node PCB prototype. Each room will have a similar node and it will be sending data to its nearby node, and eventually data will reach the main unit.

I have found this zigbee coordinator module I am trying to create exactly the same.

That way, I will be able to create as many nodes as I want. So, could someone help me with this layout, need a starting point like zigbee control module where I add my sensors circuits etc.


To me, this is a help/support forum for KiCAD users,
It’s not a “Please do my design for me for free” forum.
And with wireless, I wouldn’t touch this ever. Too many regulations = too big risk of very expensive litigation.