Zello Chat Channel 'KiCad Users'

I’m not sure if any of you guys are ‘Ham’ Radio operators or use Network Radio but I’ve just created a channel in the app called Zello for us to chat by voice in.

Anyone can do this and it’s free. You can get the Zello app for iOS, Android or Windows in their respective app stores. Sign-up is like any other sign-up (You can also do this on Zello.com) and once you have the app installed, you can go to the channels tab and search for ‘KiCad Users’ which is the channel I have created.

Currently, you need to be authorised to gain ‘talk rights’ (otherwise the channel would be over run by idiots) so press the PTT (Push To Talk) on your screen, hold it down and introduce your self. it is usual to state your name and where you are from. I’m the sole moderator at the moment so you will need to call in UK Daytime until I appoint other moderators.

The app works like a walkie talkie and is worldwide. You can also get dedicated devices known as Network Radios with a PTT on the side, like a regular walkie talkie should you decice that you really enjoy it. There are a multitude of channels if the KiCad Users channel gets boring or you want to explore.

There is already an IRC channel available for KiCad. If voice chat was desired I think a platform like Discord would be more suitable.

IMHO this forum is active enough for me and turnaround time for questions has been just fine.


It’s just an idea - Use it or not as you like.

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