Youtube (or Get Start) for verson 8 (or close to)

Please advise training material for (or close to) Version 8 for making a simple PCB from start to finish. There are good one hour youtube but on different version and the first example was “no such clickable icon”

Especially on loading footprint from component manufacturer (special sized module, not standard package like 0603) and associating the footprint to symbol. Many thanks

is not enough?

My question is 100% serious. I didn’t read the current version of this pdf, but when I started with KiCad V4 than even this document was really about V3 it was enough for me to make simple PCB from start to finish.
If current version is not enough than I suppose KiCad community would be interested in what is not enough good described there.

Sorry, my bad. I do appreciate great work of the open source community that has and will continue changing the world for better. Seriously, since unix/gnu and now everyone has gnu/unix/linux on pocket phone. This guide definitely enough from start to finish. I was looking at separate pdf on front page.