Your favorite plugins

Chris has put in a new forum topic for a FAQ. I’d like to put together a list of plugins. If you are a developer please consider giving us the description as you would like to see it along with a link. This will hopefully give people a quick way to browse available plugins. The topic now shows a lock so I’m not sure if everybody sees it or not and who can post to it. Ideally I’d like the plugin author to be able to edit their entry as needed but there are lots of things to work out. This is just to get started and see how it all shakes out.


How will this be different from the list of 3rd-party tools for KiCad?

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Well, that makes life simple. It becomes one line in the index file. I didn’t know about the page to even recommend it. That’s the point of the FAQ we are trying to put together.

Thanks for the info.

I’d take things slowly. Finally I imagine having the list of 3rd party tools being under the management of librarians would be the most sensible solution. With link from the kicad homepage and a GiHub repo (with code).

But there is a question if they see this as a proper way to handle it. And even if they do, is there a manpower to handle this (the way they are building up V5 libraries I think not at the moment)?

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This FAQ is for ‘list use’ here as it were. I know that these plugins exist. I may have even seen the referenced page before. The point is that it falls on the same people mostly to answer questions sometimes. Knowing where to find the link to that plugins page now allows me or anyone else to ‘chime in’ and point a user to the appropriate place.

The forum has been around for about 2 weeks with nothing happening. I’m just trying to get it started. I have no real preconceived idea on the best path forward and the whole thing might get wiped for a better solution. That’s OK. We’ll at least know what doesn’t work. :wink:

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For regular contributers here we could add a thread link if you have a thread or would like to start a thread.