You can mix & match units in the 3D positioning dialogue 🥳


This might be obvious to grizzled users, but turns out that when you are positioning a 3D model, you can just replace the default unit suffix and the software will do the right thing.

For instance, if my default units are millimetres I can still type .25in to offset the model in question by ¼", which is a lot easier than converting and typing 6.35.

To me, these little usability details are super important. :blush:


Yeah, that’s one of those “Everyone already knows that” (except those who don’t) type features.


Yeah, that’s one of those things nobody knows unless you’ve read long boring manuals or bumped into it.

It also works on other places.
For example in the “Move Exactly” box (hover over footprint and [Ctrl + M]
“250mil” also works, and you can also use the double quote for inches.

Simple calculations also work. Entering: 3*5 evaluates to 15.
Which means you can also enter: 1/4"

Even though I already knew this, it was in a dusty drawer in my head.
I’ve been using KiCad probably from before this was implemented, or it may have taken a long time to discover it was already implemented. Anyway, thanks for reminding me of this feature.


Units and math work almost everywhere where it’s meaningful. If you find a place where it doesn’t work, you can file a bug report.

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