Yellow/green pad color instead of green

In PCBnew, suddenly all my pads and wires are kind of yellow/greenish instead of red , and when I select one, they get red (the entire connected lines).

Only some pads on the right (where there is no solder mask, the color is red).

I think I accidentally pressed a shortcut key that caused some visualization setting to be changed, but how to revert back?

Kind regards.

Red is the top layer. Green is the bottom. Check the right side to make sure you have the correct layer selected.

(thanks for your help again) … I have all layers selected, I’m afraid all my wiring is now on the wrong layer (although near some vias the color is still red).

I know there’s a ‘flip’ key. That could have been it. Not sure exactly how to recover from that. I’ve only played with it a little. If you haven’t done a save just quit and come back? F as a matter of fact. Or UNDO works. Just tried that after flipping a zone.

I will check all settings … I already saved; I’m a software engineer, ctrl-s I do like breathing ;-). But it’s just some visualization setting, so I haven’t lost anything … I just cannot route anything now.

I tried flipping a zone and hit UNDO under edit. That worked to get the zone back.

There is no undo for me too bad … I will save it and try out some settings.

I found it … I must have pressed F9 (Legacy mode). That changes the colors; I’m not back on F11 (Modern Toolset, accelerated), and everything works again.

Ah. Good. Enjoy your evening.

Thank you for the help and advice (I like the full window crosshair).

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