Yay - KiCad on the news today (again)


Digi-Key Feature and Services. This is the email I got, which mean it would be send to all of it’s customer’s…


Am I correct that again is due to Librem 5 report?


Nice… Wonder how you know these are linked?


We might have a language issue.

The thread title (set by you) is referencing that there were at least two news items regarding KiCad on 10.1.2019. But the body of the first message mentioned only Digikey news item. So my post was a guess if the second news item was the Librem5 one. Thus the only link between them was that they were published on 10.1.2019


Oh - I see. I just jump too fast for linked the relationship between two news. :slight_smile:


DigiKey is already in http://kicad-pcb.org/discover/in-the-media/ but Librem isn’t. Time to add it?


This make me remember about below product that I started this system with KiCad at the time where KiCad had no Interactive Routing. I got exhausted with so many work other than PCB work. So we end up do it in OrCAD for the finial rework by contractor.


If you ask me Librem deseserves a spot in:


Suggest it via a pull request over at the website repo


I send an E-mail to purism instead. In my opinion it is up to them to decide if they want to intitiate this.


I LOOOOOOOOOOOOLVE this. Thank your sharing.


In Phoronix: