XT30/60 board mount - opinion on real practice?


Seems there are official XT30/60 connectors for PCB mount, which actually have a solid pin going into a PTH and then the normal kind for cable/line mount, with the wire soldered/crimped(?) into place.

Life now seems to have made the latter so prevalent and cheap (10 times cheaper), that some people are using the cable mount version as PCB mount version. Anyone got any opinion on the suitability of this connection?
I’m asking because I intend to make some footprints for this and was wondering if the cowboy-method of using the cable connector as PCB connector should be an option?

Example for different power distribution boards… one with PCB mount and the other with cable mount XT60.


Been there, done that.

For high stress / vibration I might use the dedicated PCB connectors. Not for every day stuff.