Wrong placement of reference and value labels

I created a symbol (left in the image) and placed it on a schematic (right side). But the reference and value labels are on top, not bottom right where I placed it. How can I fix this? I don’t like the labels on top.

It’s very simple. Move them in the schematic.

Right, I can do this, but then I would need to do this all the time I use the chip. Why doesn’t it use the positions I defined in the library?

At least in the nightly builds (soon 5.1) has Symbol Field Automatic Placement options in Preferences.

I cannot set the language to English in this computer, so the answer is not accurate.
Eeschema -> Preferences -> General options
Edit tab and uncheck/check the box “place symbol fields automatically” (or something similar)

Thanks, this works. I think it should be disabled by default, because it is an unexpected feature, and I don’t like it :slight_smile:

You do not need to switch it for the operating system. KiCad allows to select the language independent of it. (Main window -> preferences -> select language)

Thanks, Rene but you are wrong.
I use ubuntu and I have not installed the locale en_GB in my laptop. I don’t know if it is a kicad or system installation issue but I don’t mind.
In my home office computer I change from Spanish-English-Italian quite often.

And if you rotate or mirror a transistor for example the values should be also rotated/mirrored?

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