Wrong footprint MeanWell IRM-03

In library footprint IRM-03 is mirrored.

There are two versions in the library, THT and SMD, and they are both correct. The datasheet has two bottom views, be careful with that.

And, BTW, you should always give more information: in this case link to the datasheet (https://www.tme.eu/Document/4ddeead22020b5eb532ee6fb8f44e788/IRM-03-spec.pdf) and exact KiCad version information from Help->About->Copy version info.

And, another BTW, this forum is run by users and is mostly for discussions about using KiCad, bug reports go to different places.

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Kicad 5.1.4-1
Ok, now really fixed, but I’m checked this before send message. And now staied incorrect angle for 3d model.
I’m got real pcb with error footprint :frowning:
Where can I report an error in a libraries?

Indeed, the 3D model seems to be wrong compared to the datasheet. And it has been noticed: https://github.com/KiCad/kicad-packages3D/issues/600

As part of my final design check process for PCBs I have been printing a 1:1 of the board and sitting the parts directly on the paper printout. I’ve been doing this for years and It’s saved me a lot of $$ and time. This is especially true for those parts that can easily be modeled upside down.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

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