Wrong buit-in parameters in BOM generators

I want to make a list of components in a subfolder of the project ( ./Fab/ ). There is a dot in the project name (temp_v.2). The built-in parameter “%B” returns the filename truncated to the first dot, not the name with the extension truncated.
I am using a script with the following parameters:

“/usr/share/kicad/plugins/bom_csv_grouped_by_value.py” “%I” “%P/Fab/%B.csv”

Frankly I think you’re asking for trouble by using a project name with a dot in it, as you can (in general) have multiple file extensions on a file and there’s no way (in general) to tell if your dot is an extension separator or just a character in your file name. So as general practice with any application, not just kicad, I would never use a dot in a file name except as an extension separator.

With that said, in this case I think you could make an argument that it should split the filename at the last dot rather than the first dot, as I can’t think of a situation where KiCad project and BOM files would have multiple file extensions. So I suggest you open a bug on gitlab for this and possibly someone will change this.

But again, I think using periods in file names will cause you a lot of avoidable heartburn in life :slight_smile:

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