Write on F.Cu layer

Hello guys,

Can someone explain how to “reverse” a text ? I’d like to fill everything with f.cu except the text “test” (see below).

I’d be grateful for any help.

We can’t do it natively but you can use the KiBuzzard plugin https://github.com/gregdavill/KiBuzzard to get things like this:


I gimmied-up a solution you can do Natively using a DXF…

This example uses: F_Cu, Dwg and Eco1. You can use others…

1) DXF’s drawn in any program may work. This example used Kicad’s Plot to output a DXF’s (then, Imported into Kicad as a Graphic)

2) Import the DXF into PCB via Menubar: File>Import>Import_Graphics

3) Move the DXF to Desired Front or Back Cu layers
• Can use a simple plugin or, Edit the text file or, via Menubar
• Example uses Menubar:
-Select the DXF
-Select Checkbox for ‘PCB Graphic Items’
-Set ‘Filters’ to ‘items by layer’ set to layer containing the DXF
-Set ‘Action’ to desired Output Cu layer

4) Draw a Filled Zone around the DXF

5) Move the Zone to expose the underlying DXF, Move or Delete the DXF

6) Re-Position the Zone

Screenshots of some Steps…

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