Wow - import works from complex Altium PCB!

Wow. it worked ! and it got all the zones and planes right.
well done crew… I am impressed.
This I think is not a fair test-but Kicad did pass, mostly A board like this one might continue to be maintained in Altium.
I think people would not import sucha complex project and continue development in the non native CAD package. so that’s fine. but it probably could be brought over with a day of work. Rules etc need to be transplanted.
The only thing it could not stomach were the complex pad stacks. (and it told me)
It seemed to import the Polygon pours (copper zones) correctly. they look a bit different after rebuild but appear to be correct. top layer color of the zones was same as the top layer before rebuild. after rebuild top layer zones changes to the zone look. I presume this is correct. Not sure what rules it used to repour them, I have different copper pour clearance rules very different layers and different regions.


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Congratulations. :slight_smile:

I did a few short tests a while back and those also worked well. I never looked into how well net classes and clearance rules are preserved. It is possible those would get you into trouble if a project of this complexity is converted to native KiCad and you start editing and shoving tracks.

If you’re interested in further comparisons, then generating two sets of Gerber files a good option. You can do a layer by layer comparison in any Gerber viewer. More specialized software such as a Gerber Editor has more options, but I have no experience with those.

There is also software for visual comparison of KiCad projects. The main goal is to view diffs from different revisions of the same kicad project when using git. Kiri is one of such projects.