Would like to put non-copper traces (eg fab traces) onto PCB during layout

There are times when I would like to put some temporary non-copper traces on my PCB to help with placement, or mark temporary keepout areas that I will remove once I don’t need them anymore.
I tried using a variety of trace types and layers (eg fab) but I would get the “not on copper layers” error message.

I have resorted to using top and bottom copper traces, but this is not a satisfying solution. I cannot run traces that intersect, which means I need to remove my registration traces before I am done with them.

Why can I not use fab lines on copper layers?

Why not use the normal graphical tool that is intended to be used for technical layers? (What would be the benefit of using traces instead of normal lines?)

Hmm… a kicad feature I’m not familiar with. Breadcrumb trail please?

The right toolbar has more drawing tools than the interactive router :wink: (There is a add graphical lines tool)

Cool. I only used the dashed line for the edge cut, and the arch/circle tools to add a circle and semicircle for a project.

Thanks! … bandit

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