Working with hierarchical sheets and multi unit parts

I wonder what the best workflow is for working with multi-unit parts and hierarchical sheets.

I regulary am in the Situation that I have e.g. a few quad op amps and I only use some of them in one sheet.
I already figured out that I can place parts and manually edit their reference and unit in the symbol properties. This works, but only if I manually annotate them first, which is inconvenient.
Also, I don’t really like having to place the power pins on the level above - I’d like to place the power pins, decoupling caps etc. directly in the sheet. -I work around that by creating a new sheet by changing the name in the ‘Schematic sheet properties’ and placing them in that new sheet.

I found ways to work with multi-unit parts in hierarchical sheets, -but it all feels a but unelegant and inefficient.
What’s your workflow? How do you keep track of multi-unit parts?
Is there a way of choosing the parts-unit in an hierarchical sheet before annotating them without changing it in all sheets?