WIZcube a WIZnet contest

After a long time working endless hours on our WIZcube project and see it submitted to WIZnet contest.
Two Makers, ​ total strangers between them one in Greece and other in Denmark Olivier Gaillard teamed up to go for the WIZnet contest and submit the idea before closing.

We shared the same dream to build something different. Something to be useful to the community as being an OSHW project.
It is a huge project and we must finish everything by the end of March.
During the building period it will be more info on our web https://wizcube.eu
KiCAD6 of course and we will publish all design files there

Let me guess:
That contest is organized by the seller of those wiznet modules.

And they have of course no interest in making public that there are plenty of microcontrollers (apart from the chip shortage) with built-in ethernet hardware.

Nobody is inverting the wheel here. Everybody is trying to build on previews work and learned from it. That is done since I remember back in 1980. Of course there are many micros with Ethernet around like many type of cars aground. But the nice thing is that wiznet raspberry pico clone is a very compact solution for someone using raspberry pi Pico since it is a drop in replacement with Ethernet as a bonus. So any Raspberry Pico design can be Ethernet enabled with no effort at all from the user. What is counts in every design is to friendly to DIY community. And that is what it is. Isn’t that nice? or to but it differently. do you know at the moment another module that is selling so fast as raspberry Pico or the R2040 chip? Yes I know that there are many MPUs around.

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