Wishlist Request Maybe... Line ends are ALWAYS round?


I have seen trace layouts on PcbNew that had the arc of the trace width seem to make the trace interfere with the pad. I have NOT run a Gerber View of the issue.

In my own design, I want the top silkscreen to show a SQUARE END to the printed line in two locations.

Options, opinions?


I did not understood your main body question, but regarding “Line ends are ALWAYS round?”
The answer is yes.
I am not an expert, but my comments are:

  • there are no mathematical perfect squares in real-life.
  • if you consider the mechanical processes they will result on round elements: eg a plot of the smallest point will be round and not square.

If you need to draw a “square” (Eg on the silk screen) you can create a zone filling (I guess it will have the smallest round segments).
If you can also trace very small track (line) segments. They will look to your eyes to be squared.


I can’t think of a case where having a square end on the silkscreen line would be of any importance.


As for tracks, you could make a single pad component wit a rectangular pad the same width as your track