Wishlist library sharing

One good tool will be a optional symbol sharing. This say that the symbols can be uploaded to a cloud shared library. This will save a lot of effort (and create another, a moderator choose with of 20 uploaded is the best)

Yes Paul. I think that the best is symbol sharing.
For example if i need a symbol LTC4162, i can try a semi automatic online search on kicad base. If i didn´t found then i make myself and get the option to upload to share the item.

I think that this is best to a super big base

Doesn’t this already exist?

Someone creates a symbol. Submits it to the Kicad library. Gets checked by a librarian (moderator). Enters the library (cloud substitute).

Well, yes, sort of…
My older post I linked to suggest some “melee libraries” in which all schematic symbols and footprints that are now “awaiting review” are dumped. The Idea is to make these more easily accessible to more people and get more feedback of KLC violations or errors and to reduce the threshold for people to help with giving feedback on these symbols and footprints, so they can be accepted quicker to the official libraries.

Hi Paul,
I understand perfectly what you are writing but to take that further:

If you are a seasoned EDA and/or Kicad user and you need a new part:
you will have a data sheet.
you will also be familiar with the symbol and footprint editor.
It takes very little more time to make a symbol than to find, check and perhaps modify an untrusted symbol.
Will the seasoned user bother with this library?

If you are a newbee and haven’t learnt/don’t want to learn to use the symbol and footprint editors, still blindly trusting the internet and probably copying a found circuit, when the symbol is unknowingly incorrect, what happens?
At best they scratch their head, at worst the project fails.
Where are they going to come to complain about the rubbish supplied by the Kicad program and what program are they going to complain about?
Pretty much a guarantee they won’t be blaming themselves.

Maybe I’m getting a bit too cynical with age. :frowning_face:


Some will, others won’t.
I would if it only takes less then a minute to check if a part is in that library, and if it gets me 90% along the way compared to creating the whole part myself.
I’m ok with making schematic symbols and footprints myself. One of the reasons why I choose KiCad in the first place were the symbol and footprint editors and the same look and feel of them compared with the other KiCad sub programs.

About those newbee’s. Apparently some are searching the internet for hours in the hope of finding some part. I’m not sure whether they fear the editors, or they just don’t realize the parts can be made relatively easy by yourself. Probably both reasons happen. About the “untrusted” part. That is why I call it a “melee library”, and it should be installed separately via the Plugin and Content Manager. (Which will then also have a text about it’s intent and limitations). If people then still get into trouble I don’t feel responsible. I’ve learned long ago there are all kinds of people, and some are better ignored.

Too true, but, I’d rather see the complaints about missing symbols than incorrect symbols.

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Dear Jmk,
As i know to do this, i need out of kicad, go to navigator, register on github learn how is the plataform to upload and where upload.
In addition the actual behavior create a more bigger database, in other comments this was disallowed.
I am talking about some embedded into kicad component by component. So if i need some i explore and add to “my_cloud.lib” all inside of kicad.

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