Wiring is not understandable

i cant understand what is being tried to represent in here how is A connected to that resistor at the center how is a is towards the center just how am supossed to connect this on breadboard

Its a potentiometer . . . also known as a variable resistor or rheostat.

are there types of potentimeter since there 10 k is written


many values and types are available.


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thank you dude at last can you just attach a image of it there are multiple images showing when i type potentiometer or variable resistor the physical image of it

As I said, there are many varieties . . . the symbol is just that, a symbolic representation of the type of thing, not the specific variation.

Google images

There are mainly two kinds:

  • ones used to be rotated by the user of equipment - like amplifier gain control,
  • ones used to regulate some conditions and mostly never used again.

This stock Trimmer Symbol is linked to my my homemade Footprint and 3D-Model…
Make your own Footprint and use the attached 3D Step file… if desired…

Trimmer_Blue_Small.step (101.9 KB)