Wireless Digital I/O counter process with hydraulic press 3D view designing

Hello, I am working with wireless one channel digital I/O Counter https://store.ncd.io/product/iot-long-range-wireless-one-channel-counter-transmitter/ to test the prototype view for mechanical hydraulic press system by applying certain parameters to send the signal to the hydraulic press to release or use the press after certain amount of time,
I want to create the 3D view which will according to sensor hardware output.
Note: The hydraulic press system is already connected to PLC and I am trying to create an embedded solution which will monitor this kind of procedure and send the data to online servers, I am still learning about theoretical aspects and need more suggestions to make this kind of process.

This forum is dedicated to KiCad pcb EDA. KiCad can export a 3D model of the pcb.
But your post seems not to be related to KiCad.

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You might want to look into FreeCad. If you are doing the board in Kicad then that might be easier in the long run.

Actually I am designing some hydraulic press embedded design system which I need to make it work with wireless real time sensor data and I am looking for good examples or documentation which is useful, I have never done this kind of work before, I apologize for my improper elaboration.

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