Wireless charging pcb

hey all,is anyone aware of any pre-fabbed wireless charging footprints floating around anywhere or any special steps that need to be taken to have a pcb act as a wireless charger receiver like noise or anything else i know to have it separated from sensitive components etc and for it to have its own section but is there any tips anyone can give me who have done this before?

A simple picture search:

suggests it’s almost always a big coil of wire with their ends directly soldered to the PCB. Even connectors are rare.

I have never been directly involved with wireless charging. But I suspect that there is some resonant tuning involved. That would likely affect the precise design of the coil. But…if your neighbor asks you for help with some electrical stuff and you do it as a favor, that might be chargeless wiring. Not the same, but can be pretty good nevertheless. :slight_smile:

A quick google search just gave me this. It is not very deep but it is better than I might expect from a quick google search.

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