Wire snap on grid 5.99[nightly]

After today update the wire snap to grid doesn’t work as expected.

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Reported here:

You can add a thumbs up if you’d like to.

suggests you are using the nigtlies. Please mention this in all future posts as the default assumption is people use the stable releases.

Best way is probably to add a [V5.99] to the title.

I apology as I sent unfinished message. When I start to write I got some urgent situation and instead cancel seems that I hit send button. But [MuratUrsavas] was able to found trouble based on incomplete message.

It is supposed to be fixed by commit a3406e75
Question if it entered latest Nightly build. Your message was sent 19hrs ago so definitely the fix was not there yet.

It is fixed with the yesterdays nightly. Now working as expected.

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