Wire dont connect in pcb layout

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I connect wire in schematic layout but when I inspect it shows me there is no connection and when I open it on PCB layout there was no connection. how to solve this issue? kindly guide me.

In KiCad there is no automatic connection between the schematic and the PCB.

Very simplified the workflow is:

  1. Start a project in the KiCad project manager. (This keeps the parts together).
  2. Start Eeschema from the project manager and draw a schematic .
  3. Assign footprints to schematic symbols that do not have footprints yet.
  4. Eeschema / Tools / Update PCB from Schematic to get Footprints and Netlist into Pcbnew.
  5. Start Pcbnew from the project manager and design the PCB.
  6. Generate fabrication outputs (Gerbers & drill file) from Pcbnew to order PCB’s.
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For now (up through KiCad v5) there is no object snap in EESchema so best practice is to use a coarse grid to have grid-snap enforce connections. The supplied libraries are drawn with a 0.05" grid so it is advised to keep the 0.05" grid when placing symbols and making connections with wires. (An unconnected pin has a small un-filled circle at the connection point. An unconnected wire or label has a small un-filled square at the connection point.)

When I don’t connect wires in schematic there is no wires connection in PCB layout.

I think the getting started tutorial i wrote might be of help to you. It explains the general process on a simple example (should not take more than a few hours to follow and will give you a good idea how to generally use KiCad) Tutorial: Introduction to PCB design with KiCad version 5.1 (Getting Started)

Thank you soo much :heartbeat:

Please ensure that the grid size in your schematic sheet is smaller multiples of the grid size in your schematic symbol. Check whether the pin numbers in the footprint and schematic match. Next, check the pins of the schematic symbols which you have created. Also, check whether you have given the proper names for the pins in the symbol.

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