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Hi, I am trying out KiCAD, I have many years of pcb design behind me and I am impressed by what I see.
My problem is what to install. The latest .exe file was OK, downloaded and it installed in ProgramFiles/KiCAD
This seemed to be missing libraries? I then noticed two other files on the install site, one Pacman and the other libiges_cross_mingw? I downloaded and extracted these but what do you do with them? I put them in the ProgramFiles/KiCAD directory and seemed to get libraries but still no help files.
A short description of the installation process would be appreciated
Thank you

It sounds like you installed a “non-stable” version.

If you follow > Stable Build (Currently BZR4022) You will get the libraries then.

Hi robynnrie

The libiges_cross_mingw is just a testing file, for the libIGES project, which is not really something your need.

Also the pacman one is also just for debugging, not something you need to install.

The only one you need is the kicad installer itself.

Ohh yeah, I think I don’t package the proper help files yet. I will fix that as soon as I get the build job to run automagically and pust the packages to

Meanwhile you can check them out on

Thanks muchly for that clarification, I had loaded the most recent version, which is OK, now that I know the other files are not needed I can chase up the documentation elsewhere.
Thanks again for your help

I have just finished a real PCB using KiCAD. I would just like to say that I found the program a really pleasant experience after some initial learning curve. It did all I wanted well. I will certainly move more of my work to it and will kick some cash into the hat at some stage, the development needs to be supported.
Thank you

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