Windows installation contains a virus?

Any reason why Windows 10 believes the kicad-4.0.7-x86_64.exe contained a virus and deletes it?
The URL used on 7/1 was
I am posting this as this is I have never received these message before and quite frankly, stunned.
Maybe there is a problem with the bytestream pattern resonating with Windows defender?

Yes, false positive. Happens a lot.

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Thanks for update. 32 bit installed no issues.

I’m going to recommend that you uninstall KiCad V4 and remove everything that Windoze thinks is related to it. Hint: Do a search for here on the forum for Environment Variables.

Then instal the newest nightly build. There is no good reason to start with V4 when the V5 launch started today; as you will spend timing learning V4 only to have to relearn what is different in V5 once the launch is finished and it becomes the “Official Stable”.

Hold your horses. All that happened is one more developer step (hopefully the last one) before the release. See my comments on this other thread.


BTW, a “launch” is the most current means to get to the end; it does not mean that the end has been achieved.

A “launch” is also a type of boat… Not sure what your point is.

“Launch” in the context being discussed here, means to introduce something new to the public for the first time. Clearly KiCad V5 has not been “launched”.

Since the OP question has been answered, and Sprig has hijacked it for his own purposes I will close it.