Windows install without Admin?

Hi all.

I’m a Linux user at home, but I’m also a uni student and must use Windows PCs on campus. Obviously, these are locked down and don’t allow software installations. I’d like to install KiCad onto a USB drive so I can use it from any machine, but the installer is triggering a prompt for Admin credentials to be supplied. Is there a zip file, or some other way to install on Windows without Admin access? I searched but didn’t find anything useful.



Good archiver (7zip for example) can unpack the KiCad installer to extract all files with whole folders structure. Then just copy everything to the USB drive or hard disk.

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The keyword here is portable:

One of the hits gave me this (I haven’t tested it):


Interesting, for a single user there are advantages to keeping the libraries out of the administrator controlled directories

Thanks very much. This got things going. Interestingly, the 7Zip installer also requires Admin access, but using the tip from StefanHamminga, there is a portable version of 7Zip that I’ve added to the utilities on my USB drive.

I had a quick look at the KiCad path preferences and most point to C:\msys64 (which doesn’t exist anyway). I presume that directory would have been created by the installer. I’ll have a look into what I need to do to get that straightened out. It could be that I need to use the portable version that was linked above.

Edit: Confirmed

Need to use KiCadPortable to fix the paths.

Thanks again for the tips!