Windows: Control-delete shows vertical rectangle

Because of the type of text entry method used, if one presses , you get this vertical rectangle symbol. I believe this is because of the text entry method used.


Would be wonderful if the text entry method can be changed to the version that doesn’t do this.

AFAIK, Ctrl + Delete is not a standard shortcut, but is used by 90+ different programs in 90+ different ways.

@ML9104 - i understand. On Windows, when you select the type of text entry method, this is configurable. For example, Notepad used to do this but the latest version doesn’t.

Your comment about 90+ different ways is very insightful. A long time ago, I used to work at Microsoft and I met the person who ran the team that created the text entry methods and then (2010-ish) they had said there were 146 schemes they supported for backward compatibility and feature requirements reasons.

Unable to reproduce. Ctrl+delete does nothing for me.
We have no control of the “text entry method”. It’s all native win32 textboxes.

Interesting. Which version of KiCad?

I’m seeing it in EESchema, text box (T). Can you try that and share your results, please?

Maybe it is fixed.