Windows 11 Smart App Control (SAC) incompatibility

Is anyone else having a problem with KiKad 6.10 running afoul of Windows 11 Smart App Control (SAC)? I installed it in late December and it worked fine. After the holidays now Windows won’t let it start at all, complaining that _ctypes.pyd is not recognized as trusted or whatever.

I ask before I file a bug with the team.


Welp, there is no way to fix that without waiting for 7.0 :confused:

Thanks. So 7 is expected to handle SAC okay? Than’d be awesome.

Is there no way to override that? Windoze claims it’s smarter then it’s users?
What if you write your own progams? Do you have to go pay some internet service for certificates to run your self written applications on your own pc?

We’re not sure yet. We’re also not sure if it will ever be possible to install additional Python libs on Windows 11 due to this. Hopefully Microsoft provides some kind of workaround as Apple does.

You just turn it off on your PC lol

Ok, the 6.0 testing builds are now fully signed

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