Window Nightlies download speed

Hi, I have been a few weeks away. I wanted to download the latest nightly and it seems the download location has changed. Before I was able to download a reasonable speeds. But now it seems to hover around 13KB/s or less and disconnects frequently. Have other people seen similar problems? And yes it is not my connection :slight_smile:

Where are you downloading from? The main download server was changed a little ago to cern, so if you are using a bookmark you might have the old server. Here is the CERN server direct link for windows nightly:

I currently downloading the latest nightly and was getting around 250K/sec. Kinda slow as well… Hmm. Maybe the server is being hit hard with people downloading now that 5.1 is tagged. Or just general network congestion somewhere.

(FWIW I down loading to Mid-Atlantic USA.)

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I am not sure if KiCad uses mirrors in the USA. (The cern servers will be located in europe.)

I seem to remember that there was talk that Digikey might be prepared to create mirrors. I don’t know if this has been implemented yet.

Today it’s 8kB/s for me and disconnecting

I get 500kB/s (Which is about the maximum that i get with my internet provider.)
So it really seems to be the case that there simply is a slow line between europe and the rest of the world. (A few mirrors might be in order)

For me, in Europe, speed has changed radically from day to day.

Thanks for your replies. I am in Western Australia and before the change I was able to reach speeds of up to 5MB/s with a multi thread download manager. Oh well, at least I know it is not my fault.

I asked over at the mailing list for advice about that. Maybe there is a problem with the server or it really is a sideeffect of moving the download over to cern servers.

It’s only today and I have not seen problems with other European servers from Malaysia.
Right now fetching a big file from CERN is impossible.

3 - 3.5 MB/s, download to Germany, from the address given above.

7 - 8 MB/s download speed average from France.

Since you and others get high speeds it is seems not to be a server issue. It must be something along the way.

And @hansd is probably on the same cable path as me to Europe. Nothing on the web about cable faults, but they like to keep them secret.

Back on March 2nd I posted a similar question on the slow nightly download.

I hope we can use the Digi-Key mirror soon.

I’m downloading again today and am getting 5M/sec. Probably was congestion somewhere.

There is this (US hosted mirror?), but it has not been updated (8-(

Still impossible from SE Asia
Sourceforge would work if updated, their main server for me is in Japan

Still the same for Australia on the 10/3.

That’s not official. Be wary.

I do not experience issues from western US locations (I max out my download bandwidth at about 8MB/s). This generally runs over the cogentco route across the US before getting to Europe, so 20 hops before hitting CERN.

I’m curious to hear whether people who experience issues see the same slow speeds when they disable their download managers? If they do, it would be informative to see the output of the command


Mine looks like (removing the first hop with my actual IP)

 3 (  14.289 ms  12.960 ms  17.773 ms
 4 (  14.128 ms  16.242 ms  14.839 ms
 5 (  25.318 ms  19.773 ms  20.015 ms
 6 (  26.272 ms  25.186 ms  26.631 ms
 7 (  27.200 ms  26.371 ms  25.872 ms
 8 (  26.067 ms  27.302 ms  25.439 ms
 9 (  26.151 ms  25.914 ms  25.705 ms
10 (  37.721 ms  38.038 ms  38.404 ms
11 (  54.430 ms (  49.576 ms  50.491 ms
12 (  61.639 ms  63.418 ms  61.979 ms
13 (  70.660 ms (  71.172 ms (  71.937 ms
14 (  99.357 ms (  82.263 ms (  83.884 ms
15 (  92.013 ms  89.015 ms (  91.413 ms
16 (  160.785 ms (  161.875 ms  160.682 ms
17 (  177.840 ms (  165.770 ms (  168.898 ms
18 (  174.498 ms  172.321 ms  173.623 ms
19 (  173.482 ms  172.896 ms  173.676 ms
20 (  172.201 ms  179.144 ms  170.985 ms
21 (  175.495 ms  184.778 ms  177.642 ms