Winbuild Install

Hi guys

I have a question concerning winbuild for Kicad.

I have been using other programs for PCB development and production and have now trying to transfer to KiCad. I quite like the program in spite lack of proper support and documentation.

I’be been using the “official” install for like 6 months and decided to start with compiled version on Windows machine. I managed to successfully download and compile. compiled version runs OK. Now I have 2 versions, one is installed and the other is compiled version in some random directory. It is 4.6 GB big.

I cannot figure what to do now. Should I deinstall old version and use this one from directory that I compiled into?
Can I make this directory smaller, it slows down computer while doing searches?


You can go ahead and delete the src folder, that should be the biggest one. I always just leave the bin folder (holds the executables themselves, among other stuffs) alone.

Editted out misleading info.

Thanks for fast reply.
I have following directories in the Kicad folder
Src is definitively the largest with 1.6 GB. I’ll try to delete this one after I complete the work for today :smile: