Win V7_64 Shutdown and KiCad V5.0.2 Response

My Windoze machine is not fully OS updated, nor a clean instal at this point in time; so, basically I have no idea where the issue lies.

I had KiCad open, and forgot about it, and wanted to cold boot my Windoze machine. I clicky the button with the mouse to “Shut down”. KiCad responds by becoming the focus program and brings up the “Save at Exit” dialog box. Then every other program closes, but KiCad remains open and then displays a Debug Alert message; this message can be seen through the transparency of the Windoze Force Shutdown Screen. In order to take a screengrab I had to cancel the shutdown.

Screen shot:

Anyone else able to duplicate this?

You might want to head over to the bug tracker and report this.

Does this happen every time you start kicad? In other words are you able to see this assert consistently?

This window comes up 100% of the time on my machine; when shutting down Windoze without KiCad being closed beforehand.

Please try this test build. I wonder if it will behave the same. I expect it to, but I want to be sure. (This still had the issue)

Please use: (This is hopefully fixed)

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