Will my Project to control LEDs with an ESP32 and IR receiver work?

I’m fairly new to Kicad. I wanted to use this NodeMCU ESP32 to control an ws2812b strip via an IR receiver with WLED. To my knowledge, the IR receiver only requires 3.3v and the LEDs need 5v so I used the 3.3v and 5v pins respectively. Would this PCB function as is? If not, please explain in simple plan English because as you can probably tell, I don’t have an engineering background. If this is not the right place to post this please let me know.

Link to pictures here: https://imgur.com/gallery/59sABxM

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You are right, this is not the place to discuss electronics in general.

This said and breaking the rules :slight_smile: : WS2812 devices need 0.7xVdd as logic high voltage. The ESP32 will yield 3.3V at most. It may or may not work. I had instances where it worked and some where it did not work. Toss the dice…
A level translator would help.

But then, there are better places in the internet to discuss schematics.

Good luck! See you again when you do the board :wink:


Thank you for your advice!


This seems a good place to close this

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