Width of rubberbands in PCBNew

I have troubled seeing the “unconnected signal” rubberbands in 7.0.
The blue color on the black background and the thin width are difficult for my “old fart” eyesight. I’ve looked both in preferences and board setup, but can find no way to change either.

Is it possible to change either the rubberband (is that the correct term?) width or color?


I don’t see ability to change Width but, color is set in PCB Pref’s (Rubberband is called Ratsnest wire)

I don’t like black background so I work with white background.
Ratsnest lines (connection lines) are visible:



Thanx, I chose light grey.


Thanx, I chose bright red.


Now if I could just make them a little thicker…


Using Protel 3 my first step when designing PCB was to make GND lines blue, and VCC lines red and to hide GND lines (my PCBs had bottom full GND so I didn’t need to see GND lines were positioning footprints. When I moved to KiCad (2017) one of the things that bothered me was that I can’t change the colors of these lines and hide them (KiCad V4 and V5). Now KiCad is much better in this regard.

It’s in 8.0:


Good to know, but not a lot of help right now:

And what about the release of 7.0.6? stuck at 94 percent

to be clear, the percentage is something that gitlab shows, but is not a metric that the dev team uses to decide when to release a new version

Is the due date shown (Sep 20, 2024) correct either? So far, 6.0 and 7.0 have been released early in the year, like around January, and it seemed from what I heard earlier that this was to be expected for 8.0 too, unless something changed fairly recently?

AFAIK the yearly cadence is still the plan.

I really, really, absolutely hate to admit this, and will probably get banished not only from this forum, but also Kicad. Unfortunately, I’m finding all these changes from one version to the next, very difficult to keep up with.

Perhaps a little longer than every 12 months would give a more sufficient time to absorb and assimilate each version. :cry: :cry: :cry:

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You obviously just need more practice :wink: but I feel your pain.

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Yeah, spend more time on Kicad than its forum. :upside_down_face:


Did you know we have nightly builds? :smiley: Downloads | KiCad EDA


But please be aware that files saved in the Nightlies (nightly builds) will not open in the currently released version (7.0.5 at this time).


First I want to state that I wasn’t complaining, I LOVE kiCAD.
I have a large project to complete, so I’m gonna live with my colors setup with 7.x for now.

My thanks to all the kiCAD developers!!!



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