Why there is no Setup menu in PCBnew of the new nightly builds?

I tried 3 nightly builds:r11060,r11077,r11123 these several days.In the stable 5.0 version,there is Setup menu like this:

The nightly builds without Setup menu is like this:
PS:I used Windows builds.

Board Setup is in the File menu.
EDIT: other items from the old Setup menu are integrated to the Board Setup dialog.

Thank you very much! You replied so quickly which gave me a pleasant surprise. I found out the setup menu in the File menu.I compare the Board Setup dialog with the Setup menu in V5.They are almost same,and I believe there are progresses in the new menu.By now I haven’t found the Differential Pairs setup in the new dialog,but it doesn’t matter because I believe there is some method to setup this.

V5.1 will have a lot of changes to the user interface. So the nightlies will show changes as well. (some changes might even be reverted if the devs are unhappy with it. This is one of the things one has to be prepared for when using nightlies.)

Differental pairs is in Tracks & Vias section.

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