Why there is a need for bus?

Why there is a need for bus if we need to set a label to the wire?
Why can’t the wire take the name of the pin?


Which pin would it take it from? You are going to connect it to at least one other aren’t you? If the software started making these guesses people would complain about that. You ever yell at your computer, “I didn’t ask you to do that!”?

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You’re right, the project I’m working on has two ICs both with the same pin names A0-A20 so I was thinking why a wire place to a bus can’t take the pin name. Then I realize that I may want to connect A0-A20 to B0-B20 per example.

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What do you think about an option that set a label connected to a bus child of the bus? The label only working on the bus where it is connected!

In this example instead of copy one symbol 4 times, I will need to wrote 84 labels instead of only 42.

There are plans to make buses more powerful in future versions of kicad. (It got started before version 5 came out but was not finished in time to be included in version 5.) Right now they are not really more than graphical elements as long as you do not connect them to hierarchical pins.

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Short trick: Place label ‘Q1’ and than press Insert … It will place Q2 and so on… Great for nets and bus-rippers …


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