Why the file sie of STEP file exported from Kicad is so big compared with Altium Designer

I found that when I export a STEP file from Kicad, the file size will be more than 20M.

But when I export a STEP file from Altium Designer, the file size is about 2M.(The boards with these 2 tools are different, but most components are the same).

This is not a big issue, I just confused why Kicad’s step file size is so much bigger than Altium designer’s.

BTW, I am using Kicad 5.1.10 on windows 10.

I’ve noticed that some of the manufacturers component STEP files are very big. Check the size of each model. You may find simpler models with a Web search.

As far as I know KiCad does not make .STEP files, but just exports what it read from it’s libraries. (Except the full PCB exports) Maybe there are small differences between an imported 3D model and an exported one. I’ve never bothered to really check.

A do agree with Ralph_Loveday though. Some 3D models are ridiculously big. I think I once downloaded a model from a RJ-45 connector that was 23MB.

Do you have any example of a 3D model export from KiCad that is significantly bigger than the 3D model it read from a library?

How does KiCad handle multiple instances of the same 3D model, eg four 1/4W THT resistors, different values but same model. It easy to have a lot of redundant information in the STEP file.

As far as I know, kicad’s model exporter kicad2step is the open source code used by freecad, and the file compression of this part of the code is relatively small, so the step file exported by kicad and freeecad takes up more storage space.

The color rings and themes of the resistance model can be made into parts, which can be assembled together when the model is assigned

The KiCad resistor STEP models do not include the coloured resistance bands. Including them was discussed back in V4 WRL file times

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