Why Print Page limit in forum?

My apologies if this is the wrong group but I could not find any related to the organization of the forum, itself.

Twice now, on two separate days, I have tried printing various messages and tutorials, locally. Each time, when attempting to print the 5th one of that session, I have gotten this message:

{“errors”:[“You’ve performed this action too many times, please try again later.”]}

I do not see what inappropriate burden printing a tutorial places on the forum or why there should be any limit. Could someone enlighten me? This is really quite annoying and counter-productive to those of us who are sincerely trying to learn.

Many thanks
Jim Wagner
Oregon Research Electronics

Website probably mistook you for a DoS attacker. Maybe print to file and then you can print from that?

Probably to do with your ‘age’ here on the forums. You’re 3 days old, so you got a couple of restrictions put in place until the software/community trusts you to not cause ‘trouble’.
I bumped you up one level, so let us know if that solved your problem or not.

If you want to know more - see

Anyhow, the longer you stick around, the more you post and likes you get etc. the more you’re allowed.

Thanks, I was using Mac print, then save as PDF.

Joan_Sparky - thank you! It seems like an odd restriction for new users, but if that is what it is/was, then so be it. Probably won’t be accessing with the same intensity as the ones that I did “print” have already made a huge difference (one hour with Rene Poschl’s tutorial got me further than 3 days with the tutorial provided with the installation).

Best wishes and thank you for responding, Responses like yours are what make a forum work!

Jim Wagner
Oregon Research Electronics

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I suppose that mass printing looks much like an attempt at bulk copying the forum with a tool like Httrack

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