Why "mirrored plot" is unavailable in Plot section?


Hi there!
I’m trying to create a assembly files.
For the top layer everything is just fine (first I plot file to gerbers: edgecuts, fsilk,ffab and fmask than I create a PDF using gerber -viewer.com).
But if I’m trying to output gerbers for the bottom which I will need in mirrored view the corresponding checkbox is gray (unavailable):

I can not understand why? How can I enable mirrored plot?


Looks to me like Mirror is disabled for Gerber and DXF, but is an option for PDF, SVG, HPGL, & Postscript.

I guess the thinking is Gerber and DXF load into other software, and are not printer-immediate.

For assembly files, you could use PDF plot, (or SVG etc) which does have mirror ?


Now I mirrored PDF which can be printed in mirror view (again in PDF).
After I spend some time with plot function I made same conclusions: looks like mirror disabled for Gerber and DXF which is explainable.


I would like to see mirror option been available in Gerber for the bottom layer.

This would make things easier in generating Gcodes of the bottom layer in mirror.

I can not use PDF, SVG, HPGL or Postscript unless you are printing to printer to make your PCB’s.


The Gerber viewer allows mirrored printing.
I think that your problem is using a CNC mill to cut tracks on the bottom side, so you want ti mirror the Gerber file itself?
If so, raise this as a wishlist item on Launchpad


This a workaround that I got from http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=1164.0

You can manually edit your Gerber files to include %MIA1B1*% at the top (near other similar statements) and this will mirror your Gerber.

I’d like to see the option again in PCBnew too though.