Why Linux releases are delayed after the official announcement

Yeah, I am also waiting here.
I would prefer to have these announcements after the version is released…

We wait to announce until Windows and macOS are ready. Linux distros all happen at their own pace, if we waited until they were all done, most people would have access to the new version before we announced it which is strange.

Strange but better than seeing the announcement but don’t having the new release. Why we should always bend the knee for the windows/macos? Do the companies of these OS’s contribute with the Kicad project somehow?

You miss the point. Many Linux releases are done by volunteers and cannot be rushed. For example I only got 7.0.9 on my distro a couple of weeks back. If the announcement were to wait for all the stragglers to get up to date, nothing would be announced for a long time. I’m guessing that Windows would account for the majority of installs.

Ubuntu 7.0.10 downloaded and installed itself on my PC at 11.50 AM UTC + 11 for all those waiting and worrying and wringing their hands with stress and anticipation.

It looks a lot like 7.0.9 when opened; no New Year fireworks :slightly_smiling_face:

Sure, this makes sense. I feel that in the past the process used to be quicker for my distro.

Do you wanted to say that you build it yourself, right?


I use Linux Mint which has an update manager. It works a bit like Windows except you get to decide what you want to download and when.

Update installations just happen when downloads are complete.

This morning I downloaded 7.99 and I found 7.0.10 had come along for the ride with 7.99. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe those responsible were still cleaning up after Christmas or preparing for the New Year?

I’m a little surprised the Kicad Team found the time to release 7.0.10 this week.

Ubuntu 23.10 has a shortage of packagers and it seem a lot of Appimages using OpenGL don’t work.
Just 4 months before the next LTS to fix this.

The current Mint (21.3) is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.
This is probably why there was little delay with Kicad 7.0.10.

Actually I do as I am a Gentoo user so the moment a new release is tagged on gitlab I locally bump to test to then issue a PR for Gentoo

And this is where my question comes in… Where are you installing from? If you are downloading an rpm/deb from kicad.org then your question may have some merit being posted here (a bit demanding and rude as there is netiquette associated with “asking” for a revbump). If however you are installing via your distributions package manager, as you should be… Why are you asking here and not at $DISTRO_FORUM.

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Good things come to those who wait.

I find it quite silly to complain about this, especially in the week around christmas and new year when lots of people have other things on their mind.

I also did an update some days ago, and to my pleasant surprise I now got a fresh KiCad-nightly V7.99 to play with. That was stuck on a version somewhere in June for about half a year.

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People have been banned from the Gentoo bugzilla for repeatedly opening revbump request when a package has ONLY just been released

As I said, bad netiquette and equally the wrong place.

Note that KiCad only officially supports Ubuntu and Fedora.

I use Ubuntu. I could see the new version available this morning.

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