Why KiCad doesn't like me editing dru files externally?

This is a dumb approach, since externally I have a better text editor. With sintax highlight and possibility to search things and multiple cursors. I have to keep copying and pasting things from/to Kicad. This is kinda against the beauty of Kicad.

What are .dru files to do with KiCAD? Isn’t that an Eagle thing?

I don’t know Ealge, sorry. You can check info about kicad_dru files here: PCB Editor | 7.0 | English | Documentation | KiCad

Oh, you meant kicad_dru, not .dru.
Nice to know.

I’m sure you can edit everything and anything externally - I’ve done that a lot for custom footprints for example, or for applying certain changes that can be done easier by editing board files directly. You don’t be able to get much technical help if you screw up in some way, but otherwise have at it.

It does, but Kicad may override it eventually.

The PCB documentation above states this:

I have KiCad set to use Notepad++ as my text editor


Do you have to make the same changes for every new board or do you really use different design rules for various designs?

leocheck was funny.

I usualy change things based on my mood, or when I am learning or exploring something new.

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