Why is my DRC check using this rule for default net class? TINY FEATURE REQUEST

The DRC appears to be failing a rule of 0.508 mm minimum for default net class. But I do not have such rule. My actual default clearance setting is 0.245 mm. All nets in this design are classified as default, and others which are much tighter but >0.245 mm are not flagged as errors.

EDIT: It looks like a different clearance setting for zones? But I cannot find that setting. What is going on?

OK after seeing that it was zones I found this…I guess this answers it! Thanks again, @Rene_Poschl . Have not seen you for a while

TINY FEATURE REQUEST: Could we add a note in the net class rules dialog box saying that zone clearances are set in the properties of the individual zones?

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Actually IMO the DRC error message needs to be changed, it’s misleading. It would have guided you to the correct place if it had told it’s the zone setting.


Yes thanks; I agree. However I can see that that fixing that means complicating the internal DRC process which could introduce bugs. So will require more care. On the other hand, adding a note to the net class rules dialog box will have zero “knock-on” effects and would have saved me time wondering what was going on. Perhaps the note could be a good interim fix? Should I introduce a bug report?

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