Why is DRC reporting a missing connection?

I don’t understand why DRC is reporting a missing connection when I don’t see any discontinuity in the track (red):

Here is the error message:

Screenshot from 2023-02-28 23-48-54

There is a small bump indicated by an arrow in the upper left corner, but the track is continuous:

Screenshot from 2023-02-28 23-54-59

I think you are looking at the wrong arrow. It should be the one on the GPIO4 pad. Run the track cleanup tool, sometimes there are stray fragments left over from routing.

I think I misunderstood how to connect pads. I was just drawing a track from the edge of one pad to the edge of another pad. It looked continuous in PCB editor and 3D viewer.

When I start the track from pad’s center, I’m getting a different drawing tool with margins on both sides of the track and weird path control, but it eliminates connection error. I have to get more info about it.

In older KiCad versions the attachment point of a pad (which is usually, but not always in it’s center) had to overlap with the track for KiCad to recognize the connection as valid. In later versions KiCad tries to be smarter, but I do not rely on that. Instead I have made a habit of just connecting each track to the attachment point of a pad. KiCad already snaps to it, so that gives me extra confidence of a proper connection.

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Not sure but this old thread may help a bit:

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