Why in default, That tri-state pins connecting to output pins is warning?

Tri-state pins connecting to output pins will report warning, but why is it ?

It is default and reset to default when restart Kicad.

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Because you are connecting a tri-state that can potentially be set to output to an output of another device?

But most GPIO is tri-state right ?

So tri-state, bidirectional pins should all generate warnings

Tri-state to tri-state is ok because they can take turns to be output.
Output is ALWAYS output, so cannot go Hi-Z to allow the tri-state to take control

Apart from spotting output-output conflict, the different pin types in ERC check are mostly pretty useless.

I set any IO pins to bidirectional.

They are, all Inputs with no driver should be an error, but once you get into modern multi-function IO chips, defining the rules for each net just gets too complicated and not worth the effort of automating.

A simple feature of banning junctions at crossing wires and detecting wire segments with one end open (the wire not connected to a pin error) would save many trivial schematic errors quickly

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