Why aren't pin names from the schematic carried over to the PCB layout?

Another newb question. I have done a couple of boards before, and I do not recall this being the previous behavior. I have created a part for a PICAXE-14M2 as shown below:

Now in Cvpcb, I associated it with Housings_DIP:DIP-14_W7.62mm. When I import the netlist into Pcbnew, the pin names are gone, but GND is there:

The same goes for my CH340G, which is weirder. In my schematic, it looks like this:

and in Pcbnew it looks like this:

In addition, I used to have labels on a couple of pins, SER_IN and SER_OUT. SER_IN was shows on the PCB, but SER_OUT wasn’t.

How come the pin names aren’t automagically put on the PCB layout?

The net names are put on the pads… if you have used symbols with “built-in” labels (GND is one for example, as would be 3V3 or VCC - essentially all power symbols - that is because of them hiding the pin I think) they become the netname.

If you want the netnames to be more specific than symbolX-pinY you have to use local or global lables in eeschema for those nets.
Be aware that globals override locals and that the order of appearance in the schematic top/left vs bottom/right plays a role which label wins the net…

Ah yes… that was it - thanks for the refresher :slight_smile: