Why are the pin-type components not in the Footprints Position file?

The manufacturer of my PCB asks about placement-info for the pin-type components. Why is that information not in the Footprints Position file?
I see the information is hidden in the Footprint Report, but that file is very hard to read.

Do you mean your assembly factory? I don’t think manufacturers need it, although many manufacturers offer also assembly service.

Usually THT components are assembled separately, therefore only SMD components are in the file. Additionally there’s no meaningful centroid for e.g. pin headers which don’t have pin numbers or standard rotation. KiCad library has the footprint anchor in pad 1, but it doesn’t tell enough in case of pin header,. Therefore they have to be assembled or set up manually in any case. If they would normally be needed in the file, I think KiCad could already add them there. Can you ask why they need them? Could they use for example the Fab layer gerber?

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Yes I mean assembly factory, you are correct.

I’ve asked them, they normally receive the pin-type placement info in the centroids-file. I’ve sent the Footprint Position file as this comes closest to the requested centriods file

I’m thinking in your direction: I’ve asked whether they can work with the F.Silk in combination with the F.Mask gerbers.

Fab layer is the best for assembly if you have correctly designed footprints. The fab layer has component outlines. Silk layer is only second best.

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