White on light grey hover text

Is anyone else having trouble with the visibility of the mouse-over hover text? It is white text on a light grey background. It is very hard to read. Or is there a UI setting I can change?

What operating system?
What kicad version?

This has been an issue for quite some time. But you are correct. I
forgot my setup specs.

Linux Mint 18.1
KiCAD nightly build, version no-vcs-found-66b654f~60~ubuntu16.04.1,
release build
wxWidgets 3.0.2 Unicode and Boost 1.58.0
Platform: Linux 4.4.0-93-generic X86_64, 64 bit

I have the same problem, but it is only occasionally. My system is a Debian 9 with KDE Desktop and the Breeze theme. KiCad is still at 4.0.5. I tried to experiment with other color schemes but until now could not verify if that solves the problem.

Happened to me in kde neon, had to disable this


Its a kde bug I think

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