Which Windows version you are using KiCad v5 or newer on?


It would be interesting to know which Windows platforms people use KiCad (version 5.0 or newer) on.

You can tell your Windows version in a comment if you use KiCad v4, I would like to keep the poll up-to-date with recent KiCad versions only. Decide yourself what “using” means, I wouldn’t include “just testing”.

  • Vista 32bit
  • Vista 64bit
  • 7 32bit
  • 7 64bit
  • 8/8.1 32bit
  • 8/8.1 64bit
  • 10 32bit
  • 10 64bit
  • Windows Server
  • Other

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Number of voters has stuck to 25, it would have been nice to get a bit more.

I noticed that the % numbers refer to voters, not total votes, and therefore all the percentages together are more than 100. The number of votes for each option is voters*n% (or so I reasoned).

Edit: If you care about privacy, I don’t get any information about the voters or votes except what is available to all, even though I created the poll.


Some of us have two or more Windows OS versions in regular use


Yes, and it’s possible to select several options.


I find it surprising that there are a lot less win 8 users than win 7 or 10. Does this make sense at all? (Is there a statistic by MS out there what their user distribution looks like? I would guess kicads distribution will be very similar to the MS distribution over a large enough sample size.)



Seems our votes here agree quite well to that statistic.


Yes. Windows 8 was like a Vista, not very popular. Microsoft also pushed heavily for 8 users to upgrade straight to 10 (in-place upgrade)

Steam Hardware Survey is one way to see some stats

i.e. Windows 8 is non-existent even there.

On another note, there’s not much point keeping Vista on the poll because it’s past Microsoft’s EOL and we decided to not support it.


Many “Power users” have stuck to W7 because of compatibillty with older applications.
Windows 8 was a disaster and most users will have gone to at least usable 8.1 or moved on to the less bad 10.

I have a big concern with the telemetry that W10 sends back to Microsoft


Unfortunately, those “Power users” will have to decide how to handle the EOL of Win7 at the end of the year… I know my company is telling us to upgrade our computers or never connect to the internet on them again.


One “like” was not enough.


I have a big concern with the telemetry that W10 sends back to Microsoft

The telemetry was always there even in 7. They just brought it to focus in 10 and renamed it. Previously in 7 it was several individually named “features”.

Microsoft has added a new viewer that lets you see the contents of the telemetry reports in 10

And recently they consolidated and added in the old win32 error reports.

On another note, I haven’t found any compatibility problems with 10 if a program worked on 7.

Regardless, with the coming EOL, you either risk going unpatched, switch to 10 or jump to Linux.


W10 compatibility has improved with releases.
My problem is with various test equipment control software that has not been updated since XP. Looking at you Keysight, Anritsu etc


When I can, I jump over to Ubuntu Mate.

It is very close in GUI operation to Verizon Android OS quirks.