Which symbol is more suite for PTH to choose?

I draw a pcb then I add some PTHs in pcb file directly. But when I modified some schematic file then up to pcb file ,these PTHs are gone? So I wonder whether there is a more suite way to add PTHs? like add some symbols in schematic and associate these symbol with PTH footprint. If this is ok, which symbol is more suite for PTHs?

Two solutions:

  1. add mounting holes in the schematic (usually placed separately in a corner - search for “MountingHole” or “MountingHole_Pad”), assign a footprint and they will show up in the PCB editor

  2. Add PTHs in the PCB Editor, double click and in footprint properties tick the option “not in schematic”, so they won’t disappear when you update the PCB from a schematic again.

What are your PTHs for? Mounting or connecting copper areas? If the latter, maybe a via is what you need?

Thanks for your patient reply, these are all good answer. :smile:

I mean Mounting here.

Ok, remember that as it’s plated it will have a pad and thus a “pin” that you need to connect (or no-connect) in your circuit. If you want a hole with no pad, use the plain MountingHole. Both types ae under Mechanical in the standard symbol library.

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tks for your patient reply, I get it.