Which software can open GenCAD-generated .cad file?

I want to export pcb model to other 3D design software.And somebody say I can export the design to step in pcbnew. File -> Export -> Step.But I didn’t find Step,instead,I found there be File -> Export -> GenCAD.And what GenCAD command can generate is .cad file,but I found no software can open it.

Is my kicad software version is old,so my menu haven’t File -> Export -> Step?And if it really doesn’t exist Step,how can I open .cad file?

General CADD: http://www.generalcadd.com/ will open GenCAD files.

What is your KiCAD version?

If you want step just use stepup and freecad.

But step has no support for textures.

Direct step support only exists in nightly.