Which nightly version should I be using?

The latest window nightly is either here:

https://kicad-downloads.s3.cern.ch / windows / nightly /
2021-03-27T21:16:38.841Z 178.3 MB kicad-msvc.r21877.42c6af4bd8-x86_64-lite.exe

Or here:
https://kicad-downloads.s3.cern.ch / windows / nightly / msys2 /

2021-03-27T13:19:00.737Z 152.5 MB kicad-r21872.15e640b5fe-x86_64-lite.exe

I’ve been using the version in /msys2 but don’t know the difference.

Anybody know which we should be using or if it even matters?


The plan is to use Microsoft Visual Studio C++ compiler (msvc) to compile the final official v6 release, so the upper link is going towards it. If there are problems in the msvc nightly builds you can always go back to the msys2 builds.


Also msvc is on python3, while msys2 will be stuck with python2

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So as 5.99 users are like it or not beta testers, they might as well use the MSVC version and report bugs found


… maybe I should mention that this particular version mentioned here is problematic as it crashes when opening Footprint editor. There’s a recent release (dated 28.03) that fixes the problem.

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